5 Tooth-tastic Halloween Costumes

Looking for a fun Halloween costume?  We suggest looking to your dental office for inspiration!   Here are our 5 favorite dental Halloween costumes:

1.  Tooth Fairy

A tooth fairy costume is really easy to put together!  A simple T-shirt and some fairy princess supplies make this the simplest dental costume around.

2. Open Wide

This costume is for the artistically inclined.  It’s every dentist’s dream to have such easy access to your teeth!

3.  Toothpaste

Mint, bubblegum, or orange?  You can customize this to your favorite brands and flavors.  A talented DIY-er may be able to replicate this with a long pillowcase or bedsheet.

4.  Tooth

Molars are your best bet, because your two legs will match a lower molar’s two roots. Bonus points if you dress your dog as a canine.  Get it?

5.  Toothbrush

Pay tribute to the item that will help you avoid Halloween-related tooth decay!  And don’t forget to use it after eating all your candy!

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