Cosmetic Dentistry

With the continuing advancement of best practices within dentistry, we have come to the point where we can offer some truly spectacular results when it comes to smile aesthetics. The field of cosmetic dentistry combines artistry and science to help develop truly healthy and radiant smiles. Although the smile makeover will usually integrate several cosmetic and restorative services to achieve the desired result, we can help rejuvenate smiles with as little as a whitening treatment or porcelain veneers.


The “Clear Choice” For Orthodontic Care

Invisalign offers a cosmetic, wire-free option for many people who are considering orthodontic care. Many cases that can be treated with conventional braces can also be treated with Invisalign, including crowned teeth, gaps between teeth, or crossbites. The treatment uses a series of removable, custom-fitted clear aligners that are worn 24 hours a day. Each subsequent tray shifts the teeth closer and closer to optimal alignment. Because the trays are removable, teeth can be brushed and flossed more easily than with conventional braces.

If you are considering Invisalign treatment with McCabe Family Dentistry, we start with a no-obligation consultation appointment which involves photos, radiographs, and impressions of your teeth to determine the course of treatment. Contact us to schedule your consultation at our Kingston Ontario clinic today!

The Benefits of Invisalign®?

Invisalign® offers a number of clear benefits when compared to traditional braces, including:

  • Comfort – The aligner trays are soft, custom-designed and fabricated, which make for a comfortable experience while they are worn.
  • Discretion – Invisalign® is a virtually invisible orthodontic solution.
  • Non-Disruptive – You can and should remove your Invisalign® trays while eating which means that you can eat whatever you want.
  • Irritant-Free – Invisalign® are soft trays without any sharp or metallic edges meaning that your gums, cheeks and tongue are safe.
  • Accessibility – Keep up your same brushing and flossing habits since you can easily remove the Invisalign® trays to give you better access.
  • Convenience – With fewer adjustments required than traditional braces, Invisalign® treatment means fewer visits to our office
  • Predictability – Invisalign® proprietary treatment plan software allows you to preview the results before signing on for treatment.


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